Hello and thanks for stopping by. My name is Pat and there is one primary reason I decided to develop this site. In a word: censorship. There is becoming far too much of it IMHO. And while I like to be positive and optimistic, I also must be honest. I do not expect the censorship to go away any time soon. If anything, It very well may get worse. If fact, it already is. At first, it was mostly certain political viewpoints being silenced. It has since moved well beyond the world of politics.

Now, you can simply be trying to live a healthier life via more natural means than mainstream pharmaceutical drugs. Holistic medicine and natural remedies have became targets of censorship. Also, if you have questions about vaccine safety issues, you will have difficulty finding anything other that the standard CDC narrative.

Therefore, if you agree with me at least in part that this is a growing problem it is time to work together to fix it. I am willing to do my part. I will help provide information that is being suppressed and links to other sources. I will also give some tips along the way of what you can very easily do, even if you don’t want to go through the trouble of building your own site. On the other hand, I can help you if you do wish to build your own site, of if you already have one. Use the contact form to get in touch anytime about anything. 

So, I will share with you some of the thing I will do to help fight censorship. I will keep backups of all content I post. If something does down somewhere (like youtube) I will host it myself if need be. I will make sure all content here is easy to share almost anywhere with the add to any share icons. The blue plus icon opens up a ton of additional options. I strongly suggest if you find something here or a similar site you do share it as many places as possible. It is easy for the tech giants to de-platform  or shadow ban information sources they don’t like. It is not so easy to censor tens of thousands of individual users. Also, the more different sites the content is promoted, the harder it is to kill. You also probably should subscribe to sites you like. That way you won’t lose touch or forget about sources worth remembering. The days of simply being able to follow someone on twitter without fear of losing touch are gone for good. I would also suggest bookmarking sites you know aren’t going to come up in a google search, like this one. These are a few basic tips to get you started, I will go in more detail in future posts. Thanks for your time and please tell others.









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